Sunday, June 2, 2013

Homemade June

Welcome June!!!

I decided I am going to go the entire month wearing at least 1 article of clothing I made myself! So far, since it's only June 2nd, it's been easy! I wore 2 of the 3 tank top dresses I made myself last year. I know I am going to run out of things within the week, but I think that will be the kick in the @$$ I need to make myself something else to wear! I have so much fabric in my bucket, I need to get some of it turned into something awesome and June is my month to do that! 

I have a few dresses and skirts to wear during the day, and some PJ pants and shorts at night. What's that? HOW am I going to pull this off in the hot Florida summer where there is water everywhere! Oh yea, did I forget to tell you that I made myself a bikini... Not just made, but crocheted it, and it fits PERFECTLY! It's just what I wanted. I still have to put a liner in it, because, that's just not going to be pretty for innocent bystanders once it's wet.

I guess it's a good thing I made that duct tape dress form a while ago! Wow, I feel like I need some pictures in this post. I'll be back for that as the month progresses :) 

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