Monday, October 1, 2012

Mommy and Me dresses

I made these from tanktops from any store and some fabric. They take about 45 minutes once you figure out what you are doing!

I measured from where I wanted the skirt to start on the shirt around my body, and then down to the length I wanted. I added 1" to all measurements for a seam allowance.

For me, I was 35" around my hips, and 15" from my hips to the top of my knees.

15"+1" (Seam allowance)=16"  then divide by 2 for 2 tiers, or 3 for 3 tiers, it's up to you how many you want.

For the first tier, I multiplied 35x1.5 for the length of the fabric to cut (52.5), and it was 8" wide (see equation above).

For the 2nd tier I multiplied the length of the first tier by 1.5 again. So, 52.5x1.5=78.75" long and 8" wide.

Hem the 2nd tier, and gather it until it is the same length as the first tier.

Sew them together right sides to right sides. 
Fold it "hamburger style" and sew the piece into a circle. (right sides to right sides)
While inside out, insert the tank top in the center of the skirk. The sleeves should be out the bottom of the skirt. Imagine a breeze comes and blows your dress up around your ears... That's what it should look like on the table. 
Stretch the tank until the skirt is tight and pin while stretching. 
Sew the pieces together while stretching the tank and skirt tight.Re enforce this stitch with a second stitch.
Trim extra tank top, or extra fabric from seams.
pick it up by the sleeves and twirl in it!

Here we are looking all cute in them :)